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Weather you’re trying to save an old engine case from the scrapyard or needing your new cylinder heads cut for big bore, we’ve got you covered. Larry’s brother Ron who is a tool maker by trade has been doing our VW engine machine work for 40+ years.
Listed below are our most common machine work jobs. There are other specialty jobs we do so don’t hesitate to call us with questions or concerns. 937-275-9501

You can drop off the parts to be machined at our showroom or ship them to our store and we’ll ship them back. If you’re placing an order online and planning on dropping off the parts to our store you can select free in-store pick up at checkout. If you are shipping us parts to be machined, please note there will be a return shipping charge applied after the parts are done. We will call you to give return shipping price and collect payment information. Also please remove head studs before shipping. Turnaround time for most machining jobs is 1-2 weeks. This can vary depending on type of job or amount of work in front of yours.

Do yourself a favor by thoroughly inspecting your engine case before dropping it off or sending it to us. Things to look out for are sloppy lifter bores, cracks, stuck oil relief valves and warped cases. We do not fix sloppy lifter bores. You can check yours by inserting a lifter and feeling for slop. Your oil relief piston/s found in the bottom of the case should move up and down freely. To check your case for warping you need to thoroughly clean it. It is critical you clean off any old sealer from the case halve mating surfaces. First torque the 6 large 12mm case nuts, then torque the remaining outer 8mm nuts. After the empty case is bolted together hold it up to a bright light looking down the case split where the mating surfaces meet at the main bearings. If there are any gaps or cracks you will see light between the mating surfaces and the case is warped. We recommend not to use it.

Please don’t drop off or send us dirty, greasy parts! All parts to be machined must be thoroughly cleaned before work can be done. We recommend you clean case, heads or other parts with a stiff plastic bristle brush and engine degreaser. Then pressure wash it. Failure to clean parts beforehand will result in a cleaning fee and slow down turnaround time.

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