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         4156 Wadsworth Rd.                                                                                                              Saturday, September 12th

         Dayton, Ohio 45414                                                                                                                at Larry's Off Road Center, Dayton, Ohio

         Phone: 1-937-275-9501   

         Orders Only: 1-800-375-4546


  • Larry's Off Road Center is a complete auto parts store for aircooled VWs.  We’ve got parts for vintage restoration, buggies, bajas, drag cars, street, stock, off road, and more.
  • We also build custom buggies.
  • Larry’s supports the vw hobby, too!  Each year Larry’s has the BugJam Classic, which is a favorite among VW enthusiasts. Larry's  has also supported the VW drag racing hobby for many, many years. Currently, we are not promoting a race this year. Due to the passing of Larry's Mom, Dottie, and the passing  of Marty's Dad , Truman, we will not be sponsoring a race this year. Larry’s has personally promoted over 60 VW events of our own!
  • We believe that every customer is special, and we will work hard to keep your business.
  • At Larry's Off Road Center, we're certain you'll be satisfied with our great customer service and reliable work.

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LARRY'S BugJam 2015 
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