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Replacement Gasket Only, Shift Housing 9mm Special Bolt for Ring Gear, (Swing Axle, Short) T/O Super Clips, thru 70, Pair
  • Fits: Type 1 62-72, Ghia 62-72, Type 3 64-73,
  • Alt. P/N: 211-301-215
  • Alt. P/N: 014-409-135A
Super Clips make sure your throw-out bearings stay in place.
Pivot Mount Washer Trans Strap Mounting Washer 9mm Special Bolt for Ring Gear, (I.R.S., Long)
Pivot Mount Washer
Our Price: $2.99
Quality replacement 9mm Ring Gear Bolts available for both Swing Axle and I.R.S.
Clutch Pilot Tool CLUTCH ALIGNMENT TOOL, PKG Transmission Mount â“ Rear thru 72
Clutch Pilot Tool
Our Price: $3.99

  • Alt P/N: 113-301-263
Guide Sleeve, Clutch Release Bearing Trans Strap Mounting Bolt Trans-Axle Lock Nut Kit
Trans-Axle Lock Nut Kit
Our Price: $8.99
  • Fits Type 1 71-79, Ghia 71-74, Type 2 71-79, Type 3 71-73
  • Replace worn or stripped Trans Mount Bolts
  • For all swing axle Trans Mounts including stock cradle
  • For securing stock-style trans cradle or performance trans mounts to yoke
  • Complete kit featuring nylon-insert locking nuts.
Bolt on Bowden Bracket, Zinc Early Model Steel Front Mount Only Pivot Mount Bolt
Pivot Mount Bolt
Our Price: $9.99
  • Used for both Bowden tube and hydraulic clutch slave cylinders.
  • Zinc plated steel mounts replace stock rubber to eliminate wheel hop
  • Replace worn or stripped pivot mount bolts
  • 17mm head
  • Fits all IRS transmissions
  • Use tool 5788 or 5773
H.D. CLUTCH BOLT SET, 6 Transmission Mount â“ Front Type 2, 63-67 CLUTCH INSTALLATION KIT
Our Price: $10.99
Our Price: $11.99
  • Alt P/N: 211-301-265A
Late Model Front Solid Mount, Kit BUSH.KIT SHAFT 61-72,EA Transmission Mount â“ Front Type 1, 62-65
Our Price: $11.99
  • Zinc PlatedSteel Mounts replace stock rubber mounts to eliminate wheel hop
  • Late model 3-bolt mount
  • Alt P/N: 311-301-265A
Cross Shaft Bushing Kit, 21mm, 61-72 Transmission Mount â“ Front Type 1, 66-72 Transmission Mount â“ Left Rear Type 1, 73-79

  • Alt P/N: 311-301-265B
  • Alt P/N: 113-301-263C
Transmission Mount â“ Right Rear Type 1, 73-79 Bolt on Bowden Bracket, Late Bus, Chrome Transmission Gasket Kit
Transmission Gasket Kit
Our Price: $15.99
  • Alt P/N: 113-301-264
  • Used for both Bowden tube and hydraulic clutch slave cylinders

Urethane Front Mount Only with Bushings Clutch Cable Arm, Type I 61-71 and all 002 Type II Transmission Bus Transmission Center Mount Only
  • Injection-Molded Red Urethane
  • Greatly minimize flexing without noise of steel mounds
  • Fits 61-72, Type 1
  • Forged heavy duty clutch cable arm
  • Weld-in front mount brackets for late model bus tranny
  • Reat bolt mounts and hardware included