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Camshaft Oil Note
ZDDP or ZDTP should be either in the oil that you chose or added to the oil
you chose when running any flat tappet camshaft. The level of ZDDP has been
in the API SM oil spec, along with the increased use of calcium detergents
dispersants resulting in failures for flat tappet camshaft applications.
Many articles in all variety of magazines have been written on this subject.
Extended Product Information
Dual 48 IDA Kits for Type 1

Dual 48 IDA Kits for Type 1

All EMPI dual 48IDA kits come with competition cross-bar linkage. All our kits are supplied with both the aluminum crossbar mounts at the velocity stacks and steel mounts which allow for air cleaner use. "Standard" intake manifolds are clearanced for the area around the upper intake port at head and sheetmetal to limit modifications for installation, but still allowing for match porting with no additional welding required. The "Race" intake manifolds are for all-out racing head use with more material provided at upper intake port area, so the manifold can be match ported to even the most extensively modified head. Both manifolds have the same basic "Stock" port design at the base of the manifold so they can be precisely match ported to your particular port shape. (Kits are not supplied with air cleaners).

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