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Distributor Drive Pinion Spring
Our Price: $1.39

  • Type 1 61-79
  • Ghia 61-74
  • Type 2 61-71
  • Type 3 64-73
  • Not included in Crankshaft Installation Kit (8105)
Oil Slinger
Our Price: $2.19

  • Fits 1200-1600cc
Retaining Clip
Our Price: $2.89

  • Fits 1200-1600cc
Timing Gear Woodruff Key
Our Price: $3.39

  • Fits 1200-1600cc
Crank Pulley Woodruff Key
Our Price: $4.09

  • Fits 1200-1600cc
8-Hole Paper Gasket, 8mm Holes
Our Price: $5.69

  • 8-Hole Paper Gasket with 8mm holes
Performance Crankshaft Gear Spacer
Our Price: $14.29

  • Replaces stock spacer with solid ring safety for your gear train
Competition Dowel Pin, 8mm
Our Price: $22.89

  • Stock length, 8mm dowel pins
  • Set of 8
Competition Dowel Pin, 11/32"
Our Price: $22.89

  • Extra long, 11/32" dowel pins
  • Set of 8
Crankshaft & Flywheel Drill Fixture, 8mm
Our Price: $32.79

  • Drill fixture for drilling deeper into crankshaft to use longer dowel pins
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